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Water Filtration is an Engineering Specialty that has changed dramatically in the past 2 years.   JMCC Water Filters has been an industry leader for over 15 years supplying water filtration to all 50 states and worldwide.  We are light years ahead of anyone else with intelligent targeting design which removes hundreds of toxins all in one filter.  We have no competition.   Others are still trying to sell the old style “Add On” filters for just Arsenic and Fluoride reduction.  But in today’s toxic world there is so much more in your water.   Not only do we remove these ALL IN ONE FILTER but so much more.  Our intelligent filtering technology targets a very long list of toxins while letting beneficial minerals pass through.   Additionally, unlike the others, all of the JMCC Water Filters products are tested to NSF National Certification Standards by an independent laboratory certifying that our Spec Sheet is accurate and true.   For that reason we sell in all 50 states including California and Iowa.  Plus FREE domestic shipping on all orders with 10% sale on filters and extra packs of filter elements.  Email us for a free copy of the eBook “WATER” and MP3 lecture series “Living in a Toxic World” OR  get free with any purchase.  For details contact your retail outlet OR affiliate vendor directly OR use the following general email address.

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