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Be your own source of fresh clean water.  Save money – improve your health – be prepared in case of emergency.  Use your water filter as your main source of clean water in the kitchen every day and take your own bottled water with you every day.   The one thing you need every day is clean fresh water free of bacteria, micro pollutants, excessive minerals, heavy metals, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, chloramines, arsenic, fluoride, germs and organic chemicals all of which are commonly found in today’s city and well water AND all of which are removed (and much more) in our water filters (no need for add on filters – no priming required).

ask yourself … are you water independent ???

Are you still using raw tap water or an outdated filter which does not meet today’s standards?  In today’s toxic world you need a water filter designed to effectively remove ALL the contaminants listed above and more.   Older designs of water filters or filters purchased in stores may reduce only a few contaminants or require expensive add on filters that still only target a few select contaminants like fluoride and arsenic.  The JMCC “GF” FILTER ELEMENTS were designed to remove all of the specified contaminants that you find in today’s water.  You get pure clean water with the minerals allowed to pass through using our new “intelligent targeting” technology.  You are assured of this because the “GF” Filter Elements are constantly tested to NSF National Certification standards from a certified independent testing laboratory.  Other brands claim testing but cannot be sold in states like Iowa, California, Massachusetts and others whereas the JMCC GF filters are sold in all 50 states and internationally.  Beware do not use distillered water or Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems as they remove the minerals essential for your health.  De-mineralized water leaches minerals from your body and over time is very bad for your health.  The JMCC GF filters let the nutrient essential minerals pass through by our exclusive filtration process.  Are you in sports or exercise program and still drinking tap water or buying super expensive bottled water?  Have you not heard the reports of cancer causing chemicals that leach into the water from those cheap thin walled clear plastic bottles?  Many bottled water companies use unfiltered tap or lake water.   If clear plastic water bottles are exposed to sunlight or cold conditions even higher levels of the cancer causing chemicals leach into the water.  With your own kitchen or travel water filter you will be water independent knowing you are drinking and cooking with pure clean water.  Many people put a filter in the bathroom for drinking and brushing teeth.  We have filters in all sizes from small 1 and 2 liter personal travel filters – the small and full size kitchen stainless steel kitchen filters – the large food grade plastic high capacity filter for sports, camp, cabin and emergency – as well as inline filters for kitchen, bathroom and even for the horse animal shed.

JMCC “GF” Filter Elements – Happiness is clean water !

The JMCC “GF” Filter Elements are the heart of all the JMCC water filters.  They are made in our own factory in the USA and tested to NSF National Certification standards to remove all the harmful toxins in the specification sheet (link below).  Have clean water ANYWHERE.  Used by relief agenicies in disaster areas worldwide.  Use every day in your kitchen for drinking water AND for cooking – washing vegetables – sprouting – etc. etc.  Take your water filter on travel (even within the USA) and to the remotest parts of the planet.  Sickness due to bad water is the number ONE cause of illness for travelers.  Don’t allow your travel to be disrupted with illness due to bad water.  Take it camping and to recreation events, and if there were an emergency, the ONE THING you should grab and take ?? … you got it … your portable Water Filter.  The initial expense will pay for itself within months especially if you replace using bottled water.   The in line “Faucet On Demand” water filter systems (both above and below counter) give you unlimited on demand filtered water (these are not considered emergency since they require line pressure to operate).  With the gravity feed water filter packages you will get the stainless steel or HDPE food grade plastic stacking containers (which store one inside the other for travel) and JMCC “GF” Filter Elements.  You generally only use one or two at a time so you will have spares for years to come PLUS consider purchasing additional replacement filter elements.  The filter elements can be cleaned for repeated long term use by simply rubbing with a scotch bright pad (no soap).  With municipal water systems drying up and becoming contaminated – with wells even in rural areas becoming contaminated (often with no warning) – with man made or natural disasters – OR if you are a sports exercise fanatic YOU NEED CLEAN FRESH WATER FREE OF CONTAMINANTS FOUND IN TAP AND BOTTLED WATER.  The JMCC Water Filters are the best and least expensive filter on the planet.   Besides your own kitchen, give as gifts for college students, weddings, family members EVERYONE loves this gift.  Plus they fit all makes and models of gravity feed water filters so upgrade your old canisters to the state of the art JMCC Water Filter elements today!  Are you water independent?  What’s in your faucet?

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Why do some water filter brands not sell in – Iowa – California – Massachusetts – and other states (the fine print)?  Because they have made false claims without required testing and these states have banned their products from sale in those states.  Some brands provide their own “tests” like “”removing red food coloring”.  Imagine trying to replace real testing with a statement that their filters remove an edible food coloring?   The JMCC “GF Filter Elements” are tested to NSF National Certification standards continually in the manufacturing process and CAN be sold in all 50 states and all countries of the world.  They remove contaminants as listed in the Spec Sheet (see link below) PLUS they are 100% MADE IN THE USA in our own factory.

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